Your generous donations promote well-rounded citizens grounded in virtue and values with the ability to facilitate innovation and problem-solving in an increasingly complex world.

Major Gifts and Naming Opportunities:

Leman Educational Foundation will honor the namesake of a donor’s gift in the amount of $250,000.
  1. One donor/family namesake per gymnasium.
  2. Donor namesake is to be displayed on the outside of gymnasium and inside of the gymnasium.

Professional Development:

With a $1,000,000 annual goal, Leman Academy is increasingly looking to teacher professional learning as an important strategy for supporting the complex skills scholars need to be prepared for further education and work in the 21st century. For scholars to develop mastery of challenging content, problem-solving, effective communication, collaboration and self-direction, teachers must employ more sophisticated forms of teaching. Effective professional development (PD) is key to teachers learning and refining the pedagogies required to teach these skills.

Implications for Policy and Practice

Examples of PD that have been successful in raising student achievement can help our schools better understand how to bridge leadership opportunities and ensure a comprehensive system focused on the growth and development of teachers.

  1. Adopt standards for professional developmentto guide the design, evaluation, and funding of professional learning provided to educators.

  2. Evaluate and redesign the use of time and school schedules to increase opportunities for professional learning and collaboration, including participation in professional learning communities, peer coaching and observations across classrooms, and collaborative planning.

  3. Regularly conduct needs assessments using data from staff surveys to identify areas of professional learning most needed and desired by educators. Data from these sources can help ensure that professional learning is not disconnected from practice and supports the areas of knowledge and skills educators want and need to develop.

  4. Identify and develop expert teachers as mentors and coaches to support learning in their area(s) of expertise for other educators.

  5. Integrate professional learning to implement new learning standards, use student data to inform instruction, improve student literacy, increase student access to advanced coursework, and create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

  6. Provide technology-facilitated opportunities for professional learning and coaching to address the needs of communities and provide opportunities for intra-district and intra-school collaboration.

  7. Provide flexible funding and continuing education for learning opportunities that include sustained engagement in collaboration, mentoring, and coaching, as well as institutes, workshops, and seminars.

Teacher Endowment Funds

Teachers are the heart of Leman Academy’s School. They shape the lives of our children and fuel their growth and development each day. The lessons they teach extend beyond the classroom, helping us raise morally conscious leaders, guided by virtue.

To recognize and support these important people, the Teacher Endowment Fund has an annual goal of $1,000,000 and has been stablished to:

  1. Retain current teachers enhancing opportunities to increase annual salaries

  2. Secure additional teachers with a financial competitive edge

  3. Reward teacher best practices

Theatre and Music Department

The theatre and music department are the heartbeat of classical education, the soul of Leman Academy. Art programs are the foundation in which we build pillars of support, depth, understanding and meaning. It’s how we come together, to understand human condition and to expand worldview.

Our annual goal is $1,000,000 - the demand for our current theatre and music department has grown expeditiously. Your donation will ensure current programs and create district-wide opportunities in support of theatre and music departments:

  • Music Instruments
  • Stage Build-Outs
  • Auditorium Lighting
  • Acoustical Sound System
  • Stage and Auditorium Equipment
  • Costume Design

The Arizona State Tax Credit is not a deduction - it’s a tax credit and you do not need to itemize. For example if you are married and filing jointly and owe $800 in state income tax, you can make a school tax credit contribution for $400 and receive a $400 credit on your Arizona income tax return. For details on the AZ Tax Credits for "Contributions made or fees paid to Public Schools" go to You can also look under the Forms Tab for AZ Forms 322 and 301. Please consult with your Tax Advisor about your ability to participate.

Sustaining Excellence

  1. To make the biggest impact we can on the public education system and global society we must expand Leman Academy of Excellence schools, its mission and Dr. Kevin Leman’s vision and philosophy, invest in classical education, create cultures rich in morals, values and virtue.
  2. Leman Academy of Excellence must be able to respond quickly when opportunities arise. Generous, ongoing support for Leman Academy of Excellence offers solutions and enhances the opportunity to make a difference in the public education system.